• The Taylor Fence Company

    Address: Taylor
    City: Taylor
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 48180

    In our 25 years in the fencing industry in Taylor, we managed to maintain the same quality that we promised from day one. It was not a walk in the park, but the fruits of our labor are absolutely sweet. Since 1995, our goal remains to be the same; to provide the residents of Taylor with fences that they can rely and depend on, and to make our customers smile by satisfying their needs. As a trusted fence contractor in Taylor, we see to it that we stay true to our promise. With our dedication and passion to serve the community, we get to serve the property owners with fences that they can trust. It is essential for fences to be able to give the property protection and to keep the people in it safe and sound. And it will only be possible with reliable fences.

  • The Billings Fence Company

    Address: 100 S 24th St W #1-2076
    City: Billings
    State: MT
    Zip Code: 59102

    We are The Billings Fence Company and we are a local company specializing in fence installation in Billings, Montana. We even offer related items like dock parts, hand railing, temporary fences, cages, and enclosures. We provide top of the line installation services to the satisfaction of property owners in town. Our expert team and crew have the skills and expertise needed for outstanding fence installation services from planning to adding finishing touches.

  • The Miami Fence Company

    Address: Miami
    City: Miami
    State: FL
    Zip Code: 33127

    The Miami Fence Company is a homegrown local fencing enterprise known for being one of the most reliable and trustworthy names in when it comes to fencing in Miami. We are a company that has built our name from the ground up, literally, since we work closely with the ground when it comes to our fence projects.

  • The San Jose Fence Company

    Address: 2066 N Capitol Ave #1057
    City: San Jose
    State: CA
    Zip Code: 95132

    Welcome to The San Jose Fence Company. Our founders, who were born and raised in San Jose, started this company to produce quality fences for the property owners in the community. With that in mind, it was their ultimate goal to become a trusted fence company in San Jose. Over the last 19 years, after building numerous fences, and countless clients turned friends, we are now an established name. As fence builders in San Jose, it is our mission to make fences that every home and every business can depend on. Everyone deserves to have the kind of security that they can rely on. Prior to the establishment of this company, property owners had limited options for quality fences. But ever since we began, the competition continuously levels up. Although a challenge for the suppliers, it gives consumers immense benefits.  

  • The Springfield Fence Company

    Address: 3309 Robbins Rd UNIT #905
    City: Springfield
    State: IL
    Zip Code: 62711

    We are the Springfield Fence Company, your go-to local fencing company in Springfield for any fence installation jobs that you will have. Springfield, Illinois is our home and for more than a quarter of a century, we have been building and installing fences for many property owners all over the place. We have come through a long and winding road in our journey to where we are today: one of the most trusted names in the fencing industry of Springfield. We owe our success to the faith of the clients we have served, our dedication to the service, and our talented, experienced, and devoted employees, crew, and team members who have helped us deliver our tasks for all these years.    

  • The Queens Fence Company

    Address: 3811 Ditmars Blvd #1013
    City: Astoria
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 11105

    The Queens Fence Company has been the local security partner of choice since the year 1999. “Partner” means how one shares with another an endeavor. We have taken this identity to heart ever since our first project, up to this very day. We at The Queens Fence Company believe that our work is important and that it adds value to the lives of our clients. Emphasizing the weight of our responsibility helps us remember that our job goes way beyond just installing your fence; it includes a legitimate concern for your security. We are lucky to have great clients—our partners along the way who have chosen us, stayed with us, and allowed our team to advertise the quality of our work through their properties. Today, a lot of properties in the Queens area serve as our live work portfolio.

  • Modesto Fence Company

    Address: 931 10th St Suite # 109
    City: Modesto
    State: CA
    Zip Code: 95354

    Modesto Fence Company is homegrown fence installation business based in Modesto, California.  We are a company providing top quality fencing services and more. We offer installation of premade fence panels, customization of fences, and other related structures like cages, enclosures, and hand railing.

  • The Tucson Fence Company

    Address: Tucson
    City: Tucson
    State: AZ
    Zip Code: 85718

    The Tucson Fence Company was built with safety in mind. This is our about us page to tell you everything about us. Primarily, we want to be able to build reliable fences which property owners can depend on. We wanted to earn the trust and confidence of the property owners with the superior quality of our fences. It is part of our mission to remain consistent and true to our promise. If you are interested in our products and services, or want to know more about us you can call us at 520-462-4332.

  • Fence Company Chicago

    Address: 7004 W Roscoe Street Unit #105
    City: Chicago
    State: IL
    Zip Code: 60634

    Our company commenced from humble beginnings. Our name used to be unknown to many. We started with a simple shop in the city and our first customers were friends and family. But because of our consistency in service and quality, slowly, we saw our company grew. The clients who used to be just whom we know, eventually grew, ever since new faces took a chance on us. And the rest, as they say, is history.

  • Grand Rapids Fence Company

    Address: 3547 Alpine Ave NW Ste 1020
    City: Grand Rapids
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 49544

    We have helped our clients with all their fencing  needs for the past 18 years now. Our work has made us the best Grand Rapids Fence Company and also the most trusted one. As a brand, we know what it really takes to make a promise and how to keep up with that. We are constantly trying to keep the time frame and affordability in mind while reaching out to our customers.