• Home Care & HHA Employment

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    Our employees are our most excellent resource. That’s why we are committed to recruiting and training an experienced interdisciplinary team of clinicians and administrative support personnel for all of our member agencies.   HouseCalls Home Care follows a corporate compliance plan to help each of our staff members act responsibly and consistently within the professional, ethical and legal standards applicable to each employee’s respective position. All employees are required to:   Demonstrate honesty, integrity and performance in their work.   Comply with government laws, rules and regulations and follow all policies and procedures in accordance with their duties.   Perform their responsibilities in good faith and make a personal commitment to function in accordance with higher standards of ethical conduct.   Promptly report any practice or condition that may violate the code of any law, regulation or policy.   House Calls Home Care takes fraud and abuse very seriously. It is our policy to provide information to all employees, contractors, and agents about the Federal and State False Claims Acts remedies available under these acts and how employees and others can use them.   Information is also provided about whistleblower protections available to anyone who claims or witnesses a violation of Federal or State false claims acts. We also will advise our employees, contractors and agents of the steps the agency has in place to detect health care fraud and abuse.

  • CDPAP Program

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    City: Brooklyn
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 11210

    The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is an alternative to traditional home care services. It is a self-directed, Medicaid home care program available to eligible consumers who are in need of home care services and are capable of directing their own care.   Once your eligibility is determined as well as the hours of services needed, the next step will be to find a Personal Assistant (PA). The PA(s) can almost be anyone the consumer wants:   A neighbor, friend, aide or even a family member. The PA does not have to be HHA Certified.   A parent, Spouse, or designated representative cannot be a PA. It’s very important that a consumer is comfortable with the individuals and that they can be trained to provide the self-directed care necessary.

  • Novanna Cleaning Services NYC

    Address: 382 6th St, #23
    City: Brooklyn
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 11212

    Novanna’s mission is to bring a new level of quality cleaning services to the New York area. Yes, we’re a professional cleaning company, but we’re also friends and neighbors. That means we’ll take care of your home, office and other spaces like they were our own. Despite being new in the cleaning services industry, we have a deep knowledge of what it takes to provide customers with the best possible service. Having had a vast experience in various business ventures, both founders and collaborators in our company have come a long way.   At Novanna we believe that hard work goes hand in hand with expertise when it comes to setting up a company. However, perhaps our most outstanding quality as a team is the ability to address those exclusive hard-core business issues, such as financial funding or marketing strategies; while still reflecting on our deep environmental awareness, without neglecting our commitment to both customers and Ccollaborators.

  • IQ Avenue Marketing

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    City: Parker
    State: CO
    Zip Code: 80134

    As a Colorado Digital Marketing & SEO Agency, we help all enthusiastic entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed. Through an entrepreneurial and consultative approach, we provide focused and informed online marketing solutions, committed to providing Real Results. Website Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Customized Marketing Solutions.

  • Trusted Plumbing & Heating LLC

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    City: Renton
    State: WA
    Zip Code: 98057

    Trusted Plumbing & Heating provides plumbing and heating solutions throughout Seattle and Renton, WA. We provide a wide array of services to match your needs, from installation of ductless heating and air conditioning units to trenchless sewer pipe repair. We pride ourselves on innovation and being unrivaled in our field and customer service. Our plumbers and technicians are always up to date and in the know on current developments and cannot wait to assist you! Call 206-472-7979 today to experience first hand Trusted Plumbing & Heating’s top notch service. We look forward to getting your plumbing and heating back to 100%. With over 35 years of experience in plumbing and 12 years of experience in heating and air conditioning, Jim Cunningham and his son James Cunningham built Trusted Plumbing & Heating’s reputation as a trusted entity. This family owned and operated business is based out of King County, Washington with the purpose of providing customers with plumbers and technicians that they can trust. Our technicians and plumbers are well experienced and use the highest quality products to create a trustworthy, efficient and satisfying experience for our customers. All personnel are licensed, insured and bonded to work in Washington State and are experts in their respective fields. We believe honesty, integrity, and loyalty are key in any industry and bring these values to every job site. You can expect on-time arrivals, the best advice and options, and of course the very best service from us. Our superior workmanship and high quality are guaranteed no matter if you need work on a residential home or an office building.

  • Closet Organizer Design And Installation

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    House your entire wardrobe in style with a luxurious walk-in closet solution. A combination of rods, shelves, drawers, and a hutch lets you organize tops, bottoms, and accessories with ease, sorting items by type or season. His-and-hers Shoe Shrine® towers display your entire collection of shoes and boots in individual spaces that can be adjusted to fit any pair. Behind every well-dressed man is a well-equipped wardrobe. Whether you’re hitting the gym or the town, it’s easy to dress sharp for every occasion with the help of a custom closet solution. Take an honest look at each of your wardrobes and how much space you need to accommodate them. Consider how much space each of you needs for shoes, folded clothes, and hanging garments such as shirts, slacks, suits and dresses. This is an ideal time to pare things down. Keep what you love and donate the rest. Once you’ve decided how much space each of you needs, split the closet into two sections. A central tower of drawers or a hutch creates an attractive focal point and provides a dividing line that clearly marks off space for each of you.

  • Concrete Kote | Decorative Concrete Coatings Contractor

    Address: 503 Farm to Market 359 Suite 130-109, Richmond, TX 77406, USA
    City: Richmond
    State: TX
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    In need of epoxy flooring in Richmond? The experienced professionals at Concrete Kote proudly provide decorative and  industrial concrete coatings, in addition to concrete overlay, garage floor epoxy, and exterior painting services in Richmond, TX. After 10+ years in the business, our team takes pride in offering top-notch products for residential and commercial applications alike. For a complimentary quote on your next project, give us a call today! Customers are our top priority, so we’re looking forward to working with you!

  • Healthe by Lighting Science

    Address: 801 N Atlantic Avenue
    City: Cocoa Beach
    State: FL
    Zip Code: 32931

    Healthe uses lighting science and technology to create solutions that support the health, wellbeing and performance of people through our built environments.   Healthe is the leading provider of circadian and biological lighting solutions whose proprietary line of commercial and consumer products help regulate your body’s circadian clock, boost performance, enhance sleep and improve air quality. Our heritage lies in Lighting Science and NASA scientists who spent decades developing LED lighting technology for biological applications. This technology is now being adopted as part of the standard for human-centric built environments – in homes, schools, offices, senior communities and healthcare facilities.   Product & Service :- Healthe is the technology leader in developing and deploying circadian and biological lighting solutions for consumer and commercial industries that help regulate the body’s internal clock, boost performance, enhance sleep and improve air quality. Our patented technology produces circadian lighting for better health through interior spaces.   Benefits & Advantages :- Our products help regulate sleep/wake cycles for a healthier circadian rhythm through light. Our high-quality lights boost alertness, increase energy and focus and improve mood, or produce a spectrum depleted of stimulating wavelengths to promote a better night’s sleep. We offer simple, automated ecosystems for whole property lighting, that are easy to install and automatically produce the right light at the right time for passive health and wellbeing through the built environment.

  • Expert SEO Services

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    Website: https://expert-seo-services.com/ Address: Hollis, NY 11429 Phone: (646) 661-3148 Keywords: Website Marketing Description: Since 2011 we have helped national and local companies to higher rankings on search engine getting them more visitors and more business. Business Email: Websiterankingexperts@gmail.com

  • Home Theater Installation Corp

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    This can lead to poor sound, poor video, or even aspects of the system that isn’t working. You also don’t want to deal with the electrical components if you don’t have any kind of experience. We have professionals who will do all of the measurements to ensure home theater installation is just as you need it. This will include ensuring the projector is centered on the screen and the speakers are all at the proper height based upon the seating that you have within the theater room. We have experience within home theater installation in NYC. You can count on us to provide you with quality installation of any component that you may have. This includes televisions, screens, speakers, offers and subwoofers, and much more. We are happy to install a single component or an entire system. A significant amount of our business comes from repeat customers. Our customers make recommendations to their friends and associate and that is because of the quality of work that we churn out every time. When you require home theater installation and NYC, you want the best. We have a solid reputation and are happy with the reviews that we have received online. Should you require any testimonials prior to booking with us, we are ready to provide them. Our professional installation team has been working with home theater equipment for many years. We have worked with all of the top brands, and have worked with wired surround speakers as well as Bluetooth and other options. This allows you to feel confident that we are the best ones for the job.