Non Surgical Face Lift

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  • This treatment uses several threads made with a unique material to physically lift and tighten skin in targeted areas on the lower face. With the use of a small cannula containing PDO thread, a skilled technician is able to insert threads beneath the surface of the skin to reform the V-shape of the cheeks and chin create a natural-looking youthful appearance.

    For many patients, the fact that this treatment is not surgical is the biggest benefit. Non-surgical treatments are those that can be done without invasive techniques or the need for sedation. Non-surgical treatments are also generally safer for the patient and come with fewer risks. This treatment is the only non-surgical face and neck lift that uses threads to correct skin laxity. Other non-surgical treatments to tighten skin on the face include energy-based treatments, such as radiofrequency, and certain injectables.

    More than anything, this treatment is an effective anti-aging option, and for most patients, that alone is enough of a benefit to book an appointment. Anti-aging treatments that quickly lift and tighten skin for a long time are rare gems in cosmetic treatments. As an anti-aging treatment, this method can reverse the effects of time on the skin even for the most severe levels of skin laxity in the lower and midface.

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