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    Whether you’ve leased vehicles in the past or this is your first time, it is always a good idea to learn as much as you can about the process.  This can help you to avoid any surprises and also help ensure you get the best car lease deals possible.  Another important reason it is good to take a little time to learn about auto leasing is because this industry has changed significantly over the past few years, and our auto lease company is a perfect example of just that.


    Car Leasing NY is not a traditional leasing agency that has a car lot for you to come visit.  Instead, our ‘car lot’ is actually online and you can visit us anytime.  Having a virtual car lot allows us to serve customers from a much larger geographic footprint, and also offer better deals than any other car leasing company.   While it might seem odd at first, you’ll quickly see that there are many benefits to working with us.  Learn more by reading through this page or else you can always call to speak with one of our helpful car leasing experts.  We can be reached at 347-625-6045.


    When leasing a vehicle one of the most important things to consider is the terms of the lease.  These terms include things like the interest rate, the length of the lease, the number of miles available and more.  Many car leasing companies try to gloss over these factors to get you to sign at the dotted line.  Our goal, however, is to be as open and transparent with our customers as possible.  We believe this will help you to have a better leasing experience so you’ll come back to lease from us again in the future.


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    1. Tzemuch Car Leasing NY
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      Best prices and best service. They give you the time you need and answer the questions you have with no pressure to commit. Throughout the term of the lease they are also there to help and are very responsive via phone and email.
      After shopping around I was more than happy that I switched to LD!
      In the leasing business, I feel people are usually there to make a quick buck off you and then brush you away, not with leasing direct. Ezra, my rep, was amazing from start to finish and went out of his way to make me feel comfortable without pushing me once.
      With top service and top price Car Lease NY is the best choice.

    2. Lengyel Car Leasing NY
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      Fantastic service! Really the future of car sales. I will never go to a dealership in my life. Thanks to Mr. Josh Silver we leased a beautiful KIA. The service was exceptional, and the car was delivered to our home door with all other ancillary work (license plate, registration, inspection) taken care of! Wow! I really recommend that if you read this while in a car dealership please WALK OUT OF THERE right now and call these guys! They are the real deal! Congratulations to Car Lease NY We will be returning to purchase and lease in the upcoming years only from you from now on!

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