• HCC – Top Philadelphia Cardiologist & Vein Treatment Specialist

    Address: 841 E Hunting Park Ave #110
    City: Philadelphia
    State: PA
    Zip Code: 19124

    Advanced Heart Failure. Our specialists provide personal treatment for patients with heart failure, a condition that prevents the heart from pumping enough blood for the body. Arrhythmias and palpitation. Our medical staff is among the most experienced in the Philadelphia region in diagnosing and treating patients with heart rhythm disorders, such as arrhythmias. Coronary Artery Disease. Coronary artery disease occurs because over time fats, cholesterol and other substances build up in the walls of your arteries to form a type of plaque. Heart Attack. For treating narrowed or blocked coronary arteries, we offer more minimally invasive alternatives to surgery than any other hospital. When it comes to cardiac care, seconds count. That’s why it’s good to know that wherever you find yourself in Greater Philadelphia, exceptional coronary and circulatory expertise is moments away at a nearby office of Heart & Vascular Care consultants. At HCC – Top Philadelphia Cardiologist & Vein Treatment Specialist, our practitioners treat every symptom, from the most commonplace to the most acute, with the same exacting diagnostic discipline. And we approach every patient and family with the same compassionate concern.

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  • Heart Care Consultants LLC

    Address: 5600 Chestnut St
    City: Philadelphia
    State: PA
    Zip Code: 19139

    Peripheral Vascular Disease. Our medical team has the specialized expertise to help you manage the symptoms of peripheral vascular disease and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and other complications. Rheumatic Heart Disease. Our physicians can provide you with specialized, expert care to treat your rheumatic heart disease caused by rheumatic fever. Sudden Cardiac Death. If you or someone you are with suddenly collapses, loses consciousness and stops breathing, it is critical to begin resuscitative efforts immediately in order to prevent sudden cardiac death. Women’s Heart Health. The health needs of women are different from men. That’s why we have some of the most highly skilled and trained professionals in treating and managing heart disease in women.

  • Speak To Astrologer

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    Pt. Rahul Shastri Is One Of The Most Renowned Vashikaran Astrologers In India Serving Successfully And Bringing Back Peace, Happiness And Love In Million Lives. He Masters In This Field Of Astrology And His Huge Experience Allow Him To Impart The Best Possible Astrologer Service To His Global Clients.

  • HCC – Cardiology Consultants & Vein Experts

    Address: 40 Fuld St Suite 300
    City: Trenton
    State: NJ
    Zip Code: 8638

    Whether your symptoms are superficial or serious, here you can be certain that your heart is in the right hands. At HCC – Cardiology Consultants & Vein Experts, our practitioners treat every symptom, from the most commonplace to the most acute, with the same exacting diagnostic discipline. And we approach every patient and family with the same compassionate concern.   Holter Monitor. This a live monitor of your heartbeat for evaluation of fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat. You will also indicate if you have any symptoms associated with the irregularity of your heartbeat.   Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor. This a live monitor of your blood pressure. The ambulatory blood pressure has been demonstrated to be more accurate than the office blood pressure and can tease out the anxious patient with elevated blood pressure at the office. This patient generated data will help us to tailor your hypertension therapy.

  • HCC – Philadelphia Cardiology & Veins Treatment

    Address: 6122 Torresdale Ave
    City: Philadelphia
    State: PA
    Zip Code: 19135

    Our experienced cardiologists are prepared to care for patients of all ages and conditions. No matter what your condition – coronary artery disease, heart failure, heart valve disorders, rhythm disorders and even heart attack – we are committed to making sure that our patients feel better now and stay healthy in the future.   We understand that being diagnosed with a cardiac condition can be difficult, both physically and emotionally, and we strive to make your experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Our team will answer your questions at every step, fully explaining your options as we define the problem.   When HCC – Philadelphia Cardiology & Veins Treatment cardiologists diagnose a cardiac disorder, we will work closely with our patients and their family to determine the best treatment plan based on the patient’s age, condition and lifestyle. This treatment plan may include medical therapy, interventional cardiology, surgery, electrophysiology or a combination of these services.  

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  • Herniated Disc Doctor Essex County

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    City: South Orange
    State: NJ
    Zip Code: 7079

    What is Herniated Lumbar? A normal disc lies between the bones of the spine. When a disc herniates, it leaves its normal location and is pushed backwards or to the side. The nerves that typically travel along the bones of the spine become irritated and pinched by the herniated disc. Sciatica usually occurs because of bulging and herniated discs in the lumbar spine. Herniated discs become inflamed and frequently pinch nerves that are traveling from the pelvis into the leg. When these nerves become irritated, patients will typically experience shooting pain and numbness in leg and foot. Disc herniation symptoms usually start for no apparent reason. Or they may occur when a person lifts something heavy and/or twists the lower back, motions that put added stress on the discs. Lumbar herniated discs are a widespread medical problem, most often affecting people aged 35 to 50. Getting lumbar herniated disc treatment as early as possible is the best path to a successful outcome. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to treat. Ignoring your symptoms can lead to long-term or permanent damage. It can also lead to complications such as lumbar radiculopathy, which is a pinched nerve in the Read more [...]

  • HCC – Cardiology Consultants, Vein Surgery & Treatment

    Address: 3379 Quakerbridge Rd Suite 200
    City: Hamilton Township
    State: NJ
    Zip Code: 8619

    Where High Technology Meets Depth Of Experience. From simple aesthetic vascular treatments to life-changing surgeries, our doctors and nurse-practitioners have mastered both the techniques and the technology to provide these state-of-the art therapies and procedures.   Vascular Ultrasound. This a test includes no-needles. The test “sees” your venous and arterial blood flow searching for blockages, blood clots or malfunction of the valves of your veins (also known as venous reflux).  The test typically last 30 minutes. The ultrasound technician will ask you to uncover your legs from the groin down and apply topical gel to scan the blood vessels from top to bottom. The technician will also be pressing over the skin the evaluate the presence of blood clots. In case of studies for venous reflux, you would be ask standing for some period to evaluate the “leaking veins”.   Echocardiography. This a test includes no-needles. The test is used to see your heart muscle is pumping, measure the size of heart and see how the heart valves are opening and closing. The ultrasound technician will ask you to uncover your chest area and apply ultrasound gel. The test last about 30 minutes. The heart is being seen from different Read more [...]

  • Pain Management Bergen County

    Address: 25 Rockwood Pl 4th Floor, suite 495, Englewood, NJ 07631
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    About US: For pain management Pain Management Bergen County offers reliable treatments for a wide range of conditions. If you are struggling with back pain, you’re part of a vast group. Around 80 percent of adults, at some point in their lives, experience back pain. It’s one of the most common contributors to missed work days and job-related disability, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Pain Management Bergen County provides chronic pain treatment options, including conservative methods and surgical procedures if needed. Dr. Weissman is Board Certified with the American Board of Anesthesiology, with over 20 years of experience performing interventional pain management procedures. Dr. Weissman has served as the Director of the Center for Pain Management at Pascack Valley Hospital in Westwood, New Jersey as well as the Center for Pain Management at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn. Dr. Weissman is the leading pain management specialist in Bergen County. Have a question or would like some more information? Don’t hesitate to reach out, give us a call at (551) 212-9342.   Related Searches: Pain management physician, best pain management physician, pain management physician near me, best pain management physician near me, physician, pain Read more [...]