• Lower Back Pain NYC

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    At The Spine & Rehab Group, our Board Certified Interventional Spine Specialists and NYC and NJ Back Pain Doctors are committed to providing relief from back pain, increasing mobility and improving quality of life. Our team of doctors focuses on non-surgical back pain treatment options to patients with back pain, back injuries and spine conditions. Comprehensive diagnostic services and back pain treatment options are offered in both our Manhattan and New Jersey locations to help get to the bottom of your back pain and get it under control. We provide a comprehensive, interventional approach to the care of your back pain and offer patients a combination of back treatments that include physical therapy and rehabilitation, interventional pain management, medical massage and acupuncture. Often, spinal surgery or back surgery can be avoided using an interventional approach and non-surgical, state-of-the-art back pain treatments. The team of Spine Specialists at The Spine & Rehab Group includes Back & Neck Pain Doctors, Pain Management Specialists, Physiatrists, Physical Therapists, Neurologists and Interventional Spine Doctors. Our team is highly experienced in the back and spine and is dedicated to helping you.

  • Legacy Sign Company Inc.

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    Legacy Sign Co Inc is a family owned & operated sign company with over 150 years of signage experience. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we always deliver the most efficient & cost-effective solutions to both your business & personal needs!

  • Headache Treatment NYC

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    SYMPTOMS THAT REQUIRE IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION INCLUDE: sudden headaches and a stiff neck, sudden headaches with fever and/or nausea, headaches followed by bouts of confusion, double vision or loss of consciousness, headaches after an injury to the head, headaches followed by weakness in part of the body, convulsions or loss of breath. Physical Therapy is an effective way to treat pain conditions and injuries to relieve pain, increase mobility, strengthen your body, and promote healing, endurance and risk of a future injury. What people don’t know is that Physical Therapy can be a an extremely effective treatment option for patients with headaches and/or migraines. Physical therapy can treat headaches that are caused by musculoskeletal issues including muscle tension and tightness, disc pathology, lack of neck motion, poor posture, and even tightness in the back between the shoulder blades. Many people do not know that their headaches are being caused by the above. Treatments will be customized to fit each patients individual needs.

  • Buy Xanax Online

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  • Bulging Disc Treatment NYC

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    There are many causes of a herniated disc. As you age, the discs aren’t as flexible anymore. A herniated disc in this case is the result of wear and tear. Injuries to your spine may result in the cracking or breaking of the discs that may lead to bulging.Exactly what are the symptoms of a herniated disc? Herniated discs that affect the nerves can cause numbness and pain. The location of the nerve will dictate the area of pain. For example, if the herniated disc is located in the lower back area the pain may travel past the buttocks into the leg by way of the sciatic nerve.Treatment options may include medications, surgery or physical therapy. Physical therapy is an effective treatment option and is non-surgical. The goal of treatment is to relieve pain and reestablish range of motion. Other non-surgical options are joint injections of the hip and shoulder or other areas that may be affected. The treatment of a herniated disc varies depending on the severity of the individual’s case. A herniated disc may heal on its own in some cases.

  • Mokni’s Palais Hotel & SPA

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  • Hemped NYC

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    Looking to buy CBD products in Hemped NYC? Hempednyc.com is a prominent place that provides you wide variety of products such as CBD oil, gummies, topicals, flowers, and more at affordable prices. Explore our site for more info.   Hemped NYC

  • Buy Xanax Online

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  • Veterans Benefits & Assistance Queens

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    With help from 3rd party VA Accredited Benefits Agents, we help our applicants get additional funding to pay for home care services, the VA Benefit is called “Aid and Attendance”. We do not charge the Veteran or their family a penny to assist them. We are one of the only home care agencies in this area that is associated with an expedited process to provide this no fees service. The VA benefit can provide up to $2,365 per month to Veterans and their spouses who need non-medical care/assistance to help them with activities of daily living in their home or chosen place of residence.

  • Kiody Kratom

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