• BBespoke Apparel

    Address: 808 High Mountain Rd. Suite 201
    City: Franklin Lakes
    State: NJ
    Zip Code: 7417

    BBespoke is a high end mens fashion consulting and clothing company. We specialized in custom suits, custom shirts, Custom pants, and belts and accessories. We provide personalized tailoring services at home, office and remotely via video. Hours: Monday – Friday 8am-9pm Saturday and Sunday: 9am-6pm

  • Office & House Cleaning Company

    Address: Fair lawn, NJ 07410
    Zip Code: 0

    If you run a successful business or a have large household, you will have a need for professional cleaning services and contractors at some point in your life. In order to get bids from cleaning services and contractors, you will want to invite them in, to tour your facilities to assess their capabilities and required workload. Always try to get a few different bids to compare them as different cleaning companies can vary greatly in their bill rates. Once you have bids from several cleaning service nj companies, it is time to do some research to find out which is the best cleaning service contractor. All of the cleaners who work for Zhannas, are exceptional cleaners who really know how to get every last bit of dirt or other items out of your home. We hire people who actually enjoy cleaning, and have made it into a career that they can stick with for many years to come. These are the people who you want to handle all your house cleaning, office cleaning or other types of jobs that you just dread doing. While you may want to put off window cleaning or blinds cleaning, our professionals will be more Read more [...]

  • Water Restoration Companies

    Address: 150 Islip Ave Suite 7
    City: Islip,
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 11751

    We approach each task with the same end-goal, no matter how big or small the job is that we service. We take pride in our work and value the reputation that we worked diligently to build and honestly to maintain. We don’t look for the easy way around a job, because we want to leave with confidence that your water damage problems have been completely resolved. Our customers trust us, rely on us, and can always call us to take care of their needs at an affordable rate. We understand that there are several water restoration companies in our industry that want you to take a bite at their services. With competition growing, we still manage to rank ahead of all the competition. You probably know by now that there are several self-proclaimed water damage repair experts out there. No matter where you live, there are usually one or two individuals or services that claim to have expert knowledge. The sad truth is, not everyone is equipped or trained to professionally repair the damage caused by water. Our technicians are certified and have years of hands-on experience.

  • Kissimmee Smoke shop 247

    Address: 5038 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway kissimmee, FL 34746
    City: kissimmee
    State: FL
    Zip Code: 34746

    24/7 smoke shop. We We carry all your high-end glass, vaporizers, grinders and smoking accessories in addition CBDs and more! We are authorized dealers of Illadelph, Sheldon Black, Roor, HiSi, Maverick, Rooster, Juul, PAX, Volcano and more!” Puff Plus, Fume Xtra, Air Bar.

  • Rug Cleaners NYC

    Address: 403 W 57th St,
    City: New York
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 10019

    It is easy to overlook the need to have your rugs professionally cleaned. When rugs become dirty it happens slowly over time in most cases. People often don’t even notice just how soiled and discolored they have become until after they are cleaned. Once we professionally clean your Persian rugs, you will likely be shocked at just how different it looks. In addition to helping your rugs look great, we can also help them to last as long as possible. Most rug manufacturers recommend having them deep cleaned at least every 12-18 months. This regular cleaning removes abrasive dirt and debris that can damage the fibers in the rugs. No matter what type of rug or carpet you have, we are here to clean it and make it looks its best. This starts with Persian rugs, of course, but we can also clean antique rugs, modern rugs, wool rugs, cotton rugs, and all others. If you have carpet in your home, we can clean that as well. Our whole house floor covering cleaning services will help everything look its best. Our team will even clean the upholstery on your furniture if you would like! Call us today: (646) 699-1894.

  • Silver Buyers NYC

    Address: 55 W 47th St STE 203
    City: New York,
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 10036

    One of the main things we do in order to keep our customers happy is to consistently offer them the highest possible prices for their silver.  The way we determine our prices starts by looking at the open silver market. You can sell virtually anything as long as it is made of silver. This includes jewelry, coins, flatware and various household items. The weight of the item will be captured and then the value will be figured in to provide you with a price. When you one sell silver, it’s important to know what the current market value for silver is. This will allow you to ensure you are not being taken advantage of. Silver is priced per ounce. You can weigh the silver items you have and then do your own calculations. If you take your silver to a certified precious metal dealer, they will not take a fee for turning your silver into cash. Whatever the market value is will be what you are paid. If you find someone who is taking a fee, don’t sell them your cash – hold onto it and find a better silver dealer.

  • Split Rail NJ

    Address: Little Egg Harbor Township NJ
    City: Little Egg Harbor Township N
    State: NJ
    Zip Code: 8087
    Phone: 6098125669

    Split Rail NJ is a local, family owned business. We have store in Little Egg Harbor Township NJ. Split rail and related fence types are our passion. Because we are very focused, we have deep expertise in our fences and offer the lowest price in our market combined with unparalleled customer service

  • Kids Birthday Party Ideas At Home

    Address: 83a Carleton Ave,
    City: Islip Terrace
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 11752

    Don’t worry about how to entertain your party, let us handle that! We offer a scalable Gelly Ball party package to suit the needs of all parties! Gelly Ball is just like paintball only without the mess or the pain! The package includes 1 hour and 30 minutes of gameplay for up to 20 players, with additional players able to be added for $25 each, Gelly Ball guns, face protection, vests, and unlimited ammo for your guests as well as game props such as bunkers. Your party also includes two attendants who will set all of the equipment up and run the games for your guests. For all reservations, please contact us at (631) 7598018.

  • Birthday Party Ideas At Home For Kids

    Address: 620 Main St
    City: Islip
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 11751

    We have a great idea for your choldren’s birthday party at home! We have been hosting parties on Long Island for over a decade, and now we’re offering to bring the party to your house. Gelly Ball is just like paintball only without the mess or the pain! Gelly balls are low velocity, completely biodegradable, and stain free which makes them the ideal choice for a party at your home. – 1 & 1/2 hours of play time for your party guests. We’ll ensure that you get the most out of your playtime! – We provide 2 attendants to set up all of the equipment and referee the games for your guests. – Our scalable party package allows for you to have additional players for just $25 each. – Gelly Ball guns, face masks, vests, and game props are all provided by us. We’ll even set them up for you! – Don’t worry about how much ammo you should order, we’ve got you covered. – Gelly Balls are completely biodegradable and do not leave a stain, so there’s no mess! For all reservations, please contact us at (631) 7598050.