• Chicken Basket Wheaton

    Address: 11435 Georgia Ave
    City: Wheaton
    State: MD
    Zip Code: 20902

    The Chicken Basket was founded in 1975.  Once existing as a local chain, the original owners have since sold their stores to independent proprietors.  Chicken Basket Wheaton is now operated by its fifth owners. With the background the food service industry, the Chicken Basket maintain the recipes that reflect the originality.  Additionally, the team add their unique spin on a few items.  Offering many new homemade sauces and specials, customers can find the right blend of flavor for any palate. We specialize in fried chicken, hot sandwiches, subs, and fried seafood.  Keeping with tradition our fries are tossed with an Old Bay spice blend.  We look forward to providing you with delicious dishes and great service.