• Dental Implants Brooklyn

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    Dental implants are one of the leading trends in dentistry today as one of the options offered to replace missing teeth. Quentin Smile Dental has the latest technologies in implant placement and restorations. We currently offer our patients two implant systems: MIS, TAG, & ZIMMER. ​ A dental implant is NOT a crown. The two are independent of one another so do not get confused. An implant is a screw manufactured sterile with roughened titanium that is placed into the bone. Over a period of about 4 months the implant “osseointegrates” into the bone. Osseointegration is a process by which there is a connection between implant and bone. Scientific literature varies on the exact type of connection from a microscopic level, but if healing occurs properly the dental implant is accepted by the jawbone and is free of movement in health. ​ Generally when there is a space in the mouth a thorough exam must be completed to make sure you are a good candidate for implant placement. This includes good general health as well. We will consult with you and your physician if you have certain medical conditions which may become a contraindication for implant placement.   It is now the standard Read more [...]