• Available by Appointments Steve Smith

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    I have never been so impressed with an establishment.  I had been thinking about doing something like this for a couple of months and then I got a cold I just couldn’t shake.  On a whim, I called to get information and within an hour I was sitting on my couch at home with an infusion.  Crystal Uribe was the nurse who came and she made me feel so comfortable and the way she explained everything and answered my questions just made it so great. I have an existing medical condition and she made me feel comfortable talking about it and then, after consulting a doctor on the phone adjusted my solution to boost my immune system.  For me this is a luxury, and worth every single dime.  I am talking about it everywhere I go, so don’t be surprised if you get a bunch of phone calls today!!!!!  Thank you so much I feel amazing and it makes me want to take care of myself better.

  • Urgent Care Primary Health

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    I wasn’t the type of person to make a doctors appointment, but I reached a point where I had to. It was very easy to schedule an appointment with PlushCare. They accepted my insurance, I got to chose the time, doctor and have the appointment virtually. The doctors were both excellent. One was in Florida and one was in NJ. They both made my prescription very easy. They both were very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. They both followed up and provided referrals for my specific needs.

  • Positive Outlook Counseling

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    Positive Outlook Counseling Dallas provides a warm, supportive environment in which individuals, families and couples work to overcome barriers which are limiting their full potential. This comfortable setting allows our Dallas area clients to gain valuable insights into themselves, their marriages and other important relationships. Although problems with relationships are the reasons most people start therapy, the ultimate goal for Positive Outlook Counseling is to assist you in becoming a better you.

  • Salman gull Service LCC

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    Address: 123 Main Street New York, NY, 10001 Phone: 343-345-7136 Website: http://salmangul.com Hours: 24h Payment Types: Cash, all cc. Keyword: Health Service Description: Health Service Health Servic Health Service Health Service Health Servic Health Service Health Service Health Servic Health Service Health Service Health Servic Health Service. social links: https://www.facebook.com/pgsalmangulabout/ Tweets by salman

  • Medical Escort

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    24/7 CC, cash Medical Escort. Our medical escorts provide a range of services.They are available to take patients to doctors appointments or to accompany patients who are traveling. They can also provide escort services before, during or after surgery.   At Allure Home Care, we place a strong emphasis on communication skills. Our experts are not only skilled in delivering care, but in collaborating and communicating with all members of the care team and understanding their various roles.   Our registered nurses and home care professionals regularly liaise with cardiologists, hematologists, dietitians, and physical and occupational therapists.   When decisions need to be made or there is a change in a patient’s status, our experts will help to guide family members through the situation and understand their options.

  • Eugene Strong

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    Health Information Technology (HIT) is the backbone of the healthcare universe. Doctors, administrators, nurses, and a range of healthcare professionals across fields look to this function for access to important patient data that can be made available at a moment’s notice. Health Information Technology professionals make this possible.

  • Naimat khan Dikhan

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    Auto Transporters :Auto Transporters: Auto Transporters: Auto Transporters: Auto Transporters  Auto Transporters Auto T          At the heart of the platform are two complimentary mobile apps, a) consumer app and b) business app.

  • Health is Wealth

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    Jade is a Naturopathic Nutritionist, passionate about health, nutrition and happiness with a particular interest in nutrigenomics; the study of how our diet can affect our genes. She delivers talks for Health is Wealth Group on this topic as well as DNA Fit testing