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    Schwalb Legal is a credible Montreal-based law company with over 25 years of experience in the niche. It focuses on family, administrative, immigration law as well as real estate, construction, corporate and commercial law. The company employs skilled, well-trained and knowledgeable lawyers in Montreal, who are responsible for each case and are ready to offer qualified and timely legal assistance. To find out more about immigration lawyers, contact the company experts. 

  • Sidman Law Group

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    Accomplished lawyer Bernard Sidman has been dedicated to the practice of U.S. Immigration Law since he opened his law firm in 1983. A member of “The American Immigration Lawyers Association” for more than 25 years, Bernard has extensive knowledge and mastery of his field. He takes on cases for clients throughout the United States and all over the world. While he specializes in immigration issues for the entertainment industry, Bernard handles all types of immigration cases, including business and family immigration matters as well as deportation and removal cases. Contact Bernard Sidman today for a free consultation.

  • Bushwick Immigration Lawyer

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    City: Brooklyn
    State: NY
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    US immigration law allows for the immigration of foreigners to the United States based on their relationship to a US citizen or legal permanent resident (green card holder). US citizens may sponsor their spouses, parents, children, brothers, and sisters. Permanent residents may petition for their spouses and children. The sponsored relative becomes eligible to have his or her immigrant visa or Green Card application processed only if the visa petition is approved. Family based immigration falls under two basic categories: unlimited and limited.   The petitioning US citizen or legal permanent resident (green card holder) must submit an immigrant petition to the appropriate US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service) office. Once the USCIS approves the petition, they will send the petitioner a notice of approval. The USCIS will also forward the approved petition to the National Visa Center of the US Department of State, which will contact the intending immigrant with further information.   Mr. Gursoy is licensed in the States of New York and New Jersey, as well as the Federal District Courts of New York for the Southern and Eastern Districts, the District of New Jersey, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Read more [...]

  • Hanover Law P.C.

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    Hanover Law is dedicated to providing the DC area with high quality, affordable legal help- Family, criminal, immigration, tax and business law. Additionally, we understand how these areas of laws intersect, ensuring you get the best outcome when faced with a variety of legal issues. Our law firm practices in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. If you need a lawyer, give us a call- your first phone consultation will be free. We want to ensure that everyone can afford a good attorney.