• Charitable Trust

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    At Trusts and Estate our attorneys focus their practice on estates and trusts administration, domestic and international estate planning sophisticated domestic and international taxation, and asset preservation counsel to CEOs of major corporations, ultra-high net worth individuals, multinational businesses, and charitable organizations. If you are like most people, you like to donate money to one or more charities that are close to your heart. Many people have given to the same types of charities for years, so it makes sense that they would want to leave them one final gift from their estate when they pass away. If this makes sense to you, we can help you tailor your estate plan to achieve the following: Benefit your favorite charity or charities, in a way that would still allow you to retain a form of control over gifted assets, and/or allow you to create an income stream to your favorite charity with a remainder of funds going to your family beneficiaries. If you have highly appreciated assets and interested in income tax planning with those assets, reach out to us to discuss different charitable vehicles available to you.  If you would like to make charitable planning a part of your estate Read more [...]