• clutch-mart

    Address: 2101 Arden Way
    City: sacramento
    State: ca
    Zip Code: 95825

    We will charge a price that is competitive. We will provide professional, friendly service to our customers. We will do our best to complete repairs at or below the original estimate. We will not replace or recommend replacement of a part, that we would not replace if it were our very own vehicle. We will make every effort to complete repairs on or before the time promised to our customers. We will take as much time as needed to educate and demonstrate to our customer, that his/her repair need is valid. We will honor our warranty without drawing the line with our customers or taking a self-righteous position. We will take full responsibility for the mistakes we make, as we do err. We, the management of Clutch Mart, will not allow dollars to cloud the issue of responsibility. When the transaction is complete and our customer walks out our door, he/she will think most positively, about the uncompromising service, he/she has received from us. That’s when we will have accomplished our goal and insured our continued success.