• Tarot Reading Staten Island

    Address: 6400 Amboy Rd, suite 99
    City: Staten Island
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 10309

    Fortune telling on the cards of the Tarot Cross. This is a reliable, time-tested and strong fortunetellers of gypsy camps, a way to see the near and distant future, to know your fate. For accurate divination by tarot cards, special words are pronounced on gypsy cards during the “Cross” divination.   The forecast for a loved one is used to view his hidden feelings about you. You will learn the thoughts of a loved one, find out what is in his heart and what will happen to him in life, whether love is present – or is it just a fleeting hobby. Also, the cards will tell about his / her desires and unforeseen circumstances for the near future.   During and after the session, you are guaranteed complete confidentiality. What you said and what I saw will never be shared with other people. Everything that I will inform you concerns only you and should not be transferred to third parties, otherwise the effectiveness of the ceremonies may be reduced.