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    Enchantment Palace was created for those who follow their own unique path in life, actively changing reality, not being afraid, at the same time, be fully responsible for their own actions – not before people, but before the universe itself.   In our store you can find more than 1000 items! In our assortment: charged ritual candles, essential oils, books of shadows, incense, ritual washes, jewelry and much more! All items were magically enhanced with love and good intentions by Famous Enchantress Valeria Karat.   If you need help with products or you cannot find something, do not hesitate to ask. We here 24/7 to help you!

  • Tarot Cards For Sale Jersey City

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    The traditional 78-card deck is represented by two major groups: the 22 Major Arcana cards and the 56 Minor Arcana cards.   The Major Arcana represents the karma in life and the spiritual lessons that cross our paths to help us reflect and grow. You want to pay attention to these cards because they are going to carry an important, more urgent message – whether that be positive or shifting.   The Minor Arcana reflects life’s daily trials and tribulations and how to navigate them with grace and ease. The Minor Arcana contains four suits traditionally represented by pentacles, wands, swords, and cups – each with their own connotations and meanings.   Discover what each Tarot card means, including the keywords, symbolism, and stories in the cards. These are my personal Tarot card meanings that I use every day in my Tarot readings – and now you can use them too!   Let these Tarot card meanings be your guide, not your gospel. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ meanings of the Tarot cards. Sure, there are traditional interpretations of what the Tarot cards mean, but I encourage you to trust your intuition and go with the meanings that feel Read more [...]

  • Ritual Candles for Sale Bronx On-Line ONLY

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    You will find a large selection of witchcraft goods and other gizmos that the witches love and who love witches. Animated by your spirit, they will become friends and helpers, a joyful and useful piece of your world. Our products are selected around the world, with interest and love. Many items will fit not only for home use but also for the equipment of the magic salon if your soul lies with this.   The range is constantly expanding, so drop by us often. And if you do not find what you were looking for, then tell us about your wishes, and we will gladly assist you!   In certain rituals it is preferable to use Colored candles and it is color that gives the simplest setting for the task. Therefore, it is important to choose right color as it will help or weaken ritual you are set to perform. Ritual Candles Colors Shapes Metaphysical Supply Store Brooklyn NYShapes of Ritual candles are essential as well and will help to bring your message across. Angels, hearts, pyramids, skulls, roses will enhance your ritual performance if you choose the right shape. Candles with herbs are also very often used for magical Read more [...]

  • Tarot Cards for Sale Newark

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    Enchantment Palace was created for those who follow their own unique path in life, actively changing reality, not being afraid, at the same time, being fully responsible for their own actions – not before people, but before the universe itself. Pagans, magicians, witches and sorcerers, adepts of practical magic and theoretical philosophers are all those for whom this world is full of living creative energy, those who see its magical streams.   The purpose of magic is real change, its path is practical magic. Enchantment Palace is a store for witches: by profession, vocation, and attitude. It has everything a witch needs in his or her daily life and adored work. All that we cannot do without is what we need every day, or once a year, but it is necessary so that we are ready to rummage the whole world. And what a blessing – to find what you were looking for!   Choosing right Tarot Cards deck. Regardless of whether you are shopping on the web or face to face, watch your feelings as you peruse distinctive tarot decks. Does the one you’re thinking about cause you to feel energized? Attentive? Confounded? Trust your instinct: Your cautious thought Read more [...]

  • Love Voodoo & Sorcery Spells

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    I spend love spells in places that have powerful energy, these are cemeteries, ancient cemeteries, swamps and abandoned witch villages. During the ritual, I will appeal to the souls of the dead and strongest otherworldly forces.   The ancient gypsy rites of the Azinganos clan, effective occult knowledge and ancient oriental rites, known only to me, help to subordinate the human consciousness, his will and desire to mine, and therefore to your goals, and all this happens in the subtlest, subliminal level. The object of a black love spell of love will never know and never feel that it has had any magical effect. We will carry out all the rituals with you until we get the full result.   If you decide to influence yourself, then you must be aware of the seriousness of this complex issue. Your work can lead to many ailments, as well as sad consequences. And instead of a strong love spell, you can do serious harm to yourself and your beloved ones, destroy your destiny, its fate and seriously harm the fate of your next generations. For the correct performance of the ritual requires a lot of experience and a serious gift.   To Read more [...]

  • Tarot Reading Staten Island

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    Fortune telling on the cards of the Tarot Cross. This is a reliable, time-tested and strong fortunetellers of gypsy camps, a way to see the near and distant future, to know your fate. For accurate divination by tarot cards, special words are pronounced on gypsy cards during the “Cross” divination.   The forecast for a loved one is used to view his hidden feelings about you. You will learn the thoughts of a loved one, find out what is in his heart and what will happen to him in life, whether love is present – or is it just a fleeting hobby. Also, the cards will tell about his / her desires and unforeseen circumstances for the near future.   During and after the session, you are guaranteed complete confidentiality. What you said and what I saw will never be shared with other people. Everything that I will inform you concerns only you and should not be transferred to third parties, otherwise the effectiveness of the ceremonies may be reduced.

  • Tarot Cards Love & Fortune Telling NJ

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    I carry out fortune telling according to my methodology on the ancient patrimonial book, satin charts and tarot charts, if necessary, resort to wax casting.   Many problems are solved already at the first consultation, and there is no need for subsequent rites and purges. You can ask me all your questions, there are no restrictions on the session time. I will look at your fate: past, present and future. I will see the true cause of your problems and determine if you have been adversely affected. You will learn the hidden thoughts of all the people you are interested in, their feelings and plans regarding you. At your request, I can look at your relatives, the situation at work, identify possible future health problems and answer other questions you may have.   You are guaranteed complete confidentiality. What you said and saw by me will never be shared with other people. Everything that I tell you will concern only you and should not be disclosed to third parties, otherwise the effectiveness of the rites may be reduced.

  • Best Psychic Queens

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    Valeria Karat is the only Shuvani in Russia (Gypsy witch). From childhood she has been practicing real witchcraft and conducts magical rituals. In her office all reigns and rules the atmosphere of mystery and magic, here you will hear the smells of strange herbs, invisible voices and something that can not be explained in common words.   Valeria Karat is the only sorceress that conducts all their magical rites exclusively together with you. You will see all the sacrament of the rite with your own eyes, you will read spells with her, and in a few days you get everything you came for. Her magical rituals of the old believers she spends mostly in cemeteries and swamps.   From the most ancient times to the present day the culture of the gypsies is shrouded in numerous secrets. There are legends about the prophetic abilities of this nation – it both attracts and causes fear among ordinary people.   The united gypsy nation was not formed at once, so our people can be divided into several clans. I belong to the ancient ‘Atsinganos’ family, which was famous for its powerful pythonic and magical powers. For centuries, my ancestors have accumulated the Read more [...]

  • Tarot Reading NJ

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    Fortune-telling is used so that we can analyze events in our personal lives, regardless of whether you are alone, in a couple or have a difficult period in your relationship, as well as predict love prospects, show relationships with each other and discover a curtain. secrets of relationships. If you have an exciting and painful question, sign up for a consultation with me. I will help you understand any situation. Sometimes we really need help. Take care of yourself, your strength and nerves.   “GYPSY” GUYING ON PLAYING CARDS FOR THE FUTURE. This alignment will tell you about the future, it has an ancient history, with its help the gypsies truthfully, honestly and accurately made a forecast on what happened, what is, what will happen. And today the fortune-telling “Gypsy” has not lost its relevance and can answer many of your questions. Using a deck of 36 cards, with a very detailed description, based on the interpretation of the meanings by gypsy fortune tellers.   It is also possible to carry out online divination and get answers: What to do? How to proceed? Suppose you have a situation in any field, for example, in a love relationship, you want to Read more [...]

  • Fortune Tell Staten Island

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    In the life of most people there comes a moment when it is simply necessary to look into the future. Certain life situations make us doubt our actions, which leads to fear and insecurity. Fortunately, such situations are not hopeless, and you can use the services of the strongest gypsy witch Valeria Karat, who in such cases uses fortune-telling on the mirrors of fate.   Very often, young girls who are confused in their choice use such fortune-telling with a mirror on the narrowed one, sometimes it is simply necessary for them. After all, this type of fortune-telling allows you to look into the fate of any person and get answers to all your questions. This kind of magic, like fortune telling on a mirror, is a very strong rite, which is subject only to a real gypsy witch, since this sacrament requires expenditure of tremendous energy and magical power.   In ancient times, to conduct this ritual, sorcerers traveled from a city or village to an uninhabited place, so as not to harm civilians. Every day a huge number of people turn to Valeria Karat, with various requests and problems. Often, these are people who are looking for good Read more [...]