• Peoria Pro Tree Service

    Address: 4408 N Rockwood Rd Ste 114
    City: Peoria
    State: IL
    Zip Code: 61615

    When you search for a tree company near you for tree trimming or tree removal, you don’t want just any old tree cutter. You are looking for a tree service that is honest, affordable, and skilled. Peoria Pro Tree Service is head and shoulders above the rest. When it comes to tree cutting, we take safety very seriously. Tree care workers have one of the most dangerous occupations and so we have to have our heads on a swivel! We don’t want to injure ourselves and we want to keep you, your family, and property safe as too. So when you look for a tree surgeon, or are wondering about tree removal pricing, or just need stump grinding, reach out to Peoria Pro Tree Service!   Hours of operation: Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm