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    Address: Lancaster, Tx
    City: Texas City
    State: Texas
    Zip Code: 75146
    Phone: 4695458645

    Specialty Care Live provides Medical and Surgical Specialties to provide Virtual Care Telemedicine Consultations for Hospitals, Clinics and remote worksites to increase access to Specialty Care when and where you need it. Virtual healthcare for everyone Telemedicine consultations in one click at your home Call (469) 545-8645 to schedule a tele visit Advanced pain management therapy online Call 469545-8645 for a telemedicine consultation. We specialize in :- Virtual Care Telemedicine Consultations Telemedicine service Orthopedics Spine Injury and Pain You can contact us on :- Phone : 469545-8645 Fax : (214) 888-4450 You can visit our website for more information – http://specialtycarelive.com