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  • The purpose of preventive dental treatment is to keep track of dental health, and to encourage healthy oral hygiene practices. It is also essential to keep a schedule for regular exams and cleanings. Dental preventive care can help you spot oral health issues in the early stages and then treat the issues before they get serious. Dental preventive services include regular examinations, cleanings, and sealants for your teeth. While preventive care for your teeth is vital to the well-being of your teeth and gums, it doesn’t involve procedures like orthodontia, root canal treatment or extraction of teeth.

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      My kids had not been to the dentist since around over a year because of the pandemic I had to change their dentist because we had moved and this dentist was closer and they were nice quick and very gentle and told me what was going on what was seen and kept their nerves to a very low minimum I would suggest this dentist and also they told my kids and explained about flossing after every meal instead of just floss I am very happy that I switched dentist after being with the same dentist for 20 years that my boys didn’t like as they got older its very important to have a dentist that is kind and gentle because if you don’t as you get older you will have a fear of them like I do which I am going to start going myself knowing how they were with my boys

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