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  • Denture implants provide an exceptional option whether you’ve lost all your upper teeth, all your lower teeth or all your teeth. Talk to your dentist about denture implants and how they could change your life.


    The popularity of implant dentures is on the rise as more people recognize their significant benefits. According to Authority Dental: “Once you get replacement teeth, you’ll be more comfortable, confident and have an overall better quality of life. With teeth, speaking is easier, smiling is a joy, and eating is no problem. Denture implants are especially beneficial because you don’t have to deal with messy adhesives or ugly clasps.”


    There are several reasons for the loss of your teeth. Too much sugar in your diet can accumulate, causing cavities, plaque and gum disease. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are activities that deteriorate your teeth all over.


    Regular dental checkups and cleanings from your family dentist at Albany County Dental Associates help you maintain good healthy teeth and gums. And when you do need tooth replacement, you’ve already built a relationship with your family dentist who also practices cosmetic dentistry.

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