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    Emergency Dental Appointments Available in Nashville, TN

    In the case of a dental emergency, we’ve got you covered. Roach Family Dentistry offers extended hours during the week as well as Saturdays. If you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office immediately.


    At Roach Family Dentistry

    Pain is the first indicator that something might be wrong. If your symptoms are not relieved by pain relievers, ice, or rest it is vital that you seek immediate medical attention from Roach Family Dentistry & Associates in order to prevent medical complications or spreading infections.

    Common emergency dental issues include, but are not limited to: Loose, cracked, or missing tooth (if you are an adult, your teeth should not be loose); Gum pain, which could be a sign of infection; Damaged / missing crown, bridge, or denture

    How to Handle a Dental Emergency


    Contact Roach Family Dentistry & Associates immediately. Before you arrive to your appointment, make sure that you have followed the instructions below that pertain to your dental emergency.

    If your tooth has been knocked out:
    Attempt to place the tooth back into its socket. Make sure to hold the tooth by its crown instead of the root. If the tooth will not stay in place, you will need to wrap the tooth in wet gauze, keep it soaked in milk, or hold it inside of your mouth against your cheek. This will ensure that the tooth does not dry out.

    If your tooth is cracked:
    First, rinse out your mouth with warm water. Next, apply a cold compress against your cheek in order to prevent swelling.

    If your tooth is loose:
    Attempt to put the tooth back in its original position. Bite down to hold the tooth in its place.

    If you are experiencing tooth pain:
    First, rinse out your mouth with warm water. Next, be sure to floss in order to remove any food that might be trapped around your gum line. It is important to arrive at your appointment as soon as possible.

    Taking Precaution

    Although many dental emergencies aren’t preventable, you can reduce your risk by:

    • Wearing a mouth guard or protective face gear while playing sports

    • Avoiding chewing things like hard candies or ice to keep teeth from cracking or breaking

    • Not using your teeth to tear open packages or as a DIY bottle opener

    Call Roach Family Dentistry & Associates immediately if you are experiencing a dental emergency. We accept Care Credit and also offer a variety of payment options. If your issue is less urgent, book an appointment with us online.

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