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  • We recommend you a leading domestic 5083 aluminum sheet manufacturer & # 8211; Huawei Aluminum, we specialize in the production of 5000 series aluminum sheets. 5083 Aluminum Plate is a commonly used aluminum plate model with excellent performance and relatively large market demand. The main use of aluminum plate 5083 is ship plate, LNG storage tank, gas storage cylinder, GIS shell, body skin, flange material, etc. Marine grade aluminum sheet is a typical use of 5083 aluminum alloy sheet, and it is also an emerging market for aluminum sheet products. Ship decks, engine bases, side and bottom shells can all be made from 5000 series aluminum sheet. And in practical applications, the advantages are obvious.
    The advantages of 5083 aluminum plate produced by Huawei Aluminum are introduced:
    1. As a 5000 series aluminum-magnesium alloy, the corrosion resistance of 5083 aluminum plate is self-evident. Marine grade aluminum plate 5083 is often used for tempering of 5083H116/H321/H112, it can adapt to harsh marine environment, long-term use, no corrosion, long-term use.
    2. Excellent welding performance. The automatic argon arc welding method is mainly used in ships and shipbuilding. Good weldability means that the 5083 aluminum sheet alloy has less tendency to form cracks during welding.
    3. Good formability. Shipbuilding is subject to various hot and cold processing treatments. Therefore, marine grade aluminum sheet must have good hot and cold forming properties. 5083 aluminum plate is easy to be processed and formed, without crack defects, and can still meet the requirements of strength and corrosion resistance after processing.
    If you plan to buy marine grade aluminum sheet, please pay attention to whether the 5083 aluminum sheet manufacturer has DNV and CSS certificates, which are the certificates for common marine aluminum sheet products, so they are also a guarantee of product quality.

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