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  • HealthCodes DNA™ offers premium, non-invasive genetic health, nutrition, and fitness DNA test kits & training programs. Clients order a Sample Collection Kit at, there is free nationwide 2-day shipping, and the clients then activate their chosen DNA test results set (5-Metric Overview: Introductory Diet & Exercise DNA test results set, Wellness Panel: Health Optimization DNA test results set, Nutrition Panel: Diet Optimization DNA test results set, Fitness Panel: Exercise Optimization DNA test results set, or the 3-Panel Analysis: All-in-one Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness DNA test results set).

    Clients send in their sample using the enclosed prepaid Business Reply envelopes. Results arrive in just 2-3 weeks.

    HealthCodes DNA™ differs from competitors because we do not sell ancestry DNA tests, but rather focus exclusively on wellness, nutrition, and fitness DNA testing supplemented with custom meal and workout plans and personal 1-on-1 health coaching to help our clients unlock their best selves.

    (Note: “Unlock your best self today” is the HealthCodes DNA™ company “slogan”)

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