Herniated Disc Doctor Hudson County

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  • A normal disc lies between the bones of the spine.  When a disc herniates, it leaves its normal location and is pushed backwards or to the side.  The nerves that typically travel along the bones of the spine become irritated and pinched by the herniated disc. Sciatica usually occurs because of bulging and herniated discs in the lumbar spine.  Herniated discs become inflamed and frequently pinch nerves that are traveling from the pelvis into the leg.  When these nerves become irritated, patients will typically experience shooting pain and numbness in leg and foot.

    Disc herniation symptoms usually start for no apparent reason. Or they may occur when a person lifts something heavy and/or twists the lower back, motions that put added stress on the discs. Lumbar herniated discs are a widespread medical problem, most often affecting people aged 35 to 50.

    Getting lumbar herniated disc treatment as early as possible is the best path to a successful outcome. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to treat. Ignoring your symptoms can lead to long-term or permanent damage. It can also lead to complications such as lumbar radiculopathy, which is a pinched nerve in the spinal column.

    Herniated Disc Doctor Hudson County specialists focus on the treatment of complex spine procedures. They find a solution that works for your herniated lumbar. Contact Herniated Disc Doctor Hudson County today: (862) 777-8897.

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