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  • How functional medicine doctor helps in fat loss. Overworked adrenal glands lead to fat storage in our bodies. The term for this is adrenal fatigue. It occurs when we repeatedly overstress ourselves. Does this sound familiar? During stressful circumstances, the adrenal hormone cortisol rises. Cortisol causes our bodies to respond by storing fat, particularly around the midsection.

    Normally, the body just utilizes this fat reserve as our stress levels drop. However, our cortisol level increases when our stress levels are high. This is one of the reasons mid-body fat is so challenging to lose. These fatty deposits won’t go away until the adrenals are healthier.

    The pituitary gland may suffer when the adrenals are worn out. Our thyroid gland receives instructions from the pituitary gland about how much thyroid hormone to create. Our metabolism is monitored by the thyroid gland. Our metabolism slows down when thyroid hormone levels are low (hypothyroidism). We put on weight because our metabolism has slowed down. 

    The focus of holistic gut health is on all the factors that may unintentionally result in weight gain. The body will be able to regain its ideal weight by improving these factors. This typically entails a functional medicine-trained practitioner using a dietary and neurologic approach.

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