Deco Nightclub Charleston

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  • DECO Nightclub Charleston transforms itself on non-weekend nights into an ideal venue for fashion shows, executive dinners, wedding receptions, wedding welcome parties, charity galas, corporate events.


    Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties:


    DECO Nightclub is the place to celebrate with your friends! Let us care for those pre-wedding jitters and experience a night full of fun, dancing, great music, partying, and exceptional service.


    We will provide everything you and your friends could want out of a night on the town! Upon your arrival, we will have your table decked out with party favors, ideal bottle selections, and endless mixers. Let your private VIP hostess (or Host) ensure all of your needs are met for the night.


    Please view our reservations page and fill in the short form to begin planning your reservation for that special night. Or email our VIP manager Brittany at or call at 843-636-2990.

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