• Aluminum Windows & Doors Manufacturer

    Address: Brooklyn, NY 11221
    Zip Code: 0

    We manufacture and build your storefront that reflect the personality of your business; it doesn’t have to look like every other business along your street. EURO Windows and Doors among the best storefront manufacturer companies in NYC can translate your ideas and dreams into a storefront design you’ll be proud of. Trust our storefront fabrication experts when it comes to your storefront design – the most important asset of your business. We are certified, bonded, licensed, and insured. All of the products we produce are 100% compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 International Standards as well as all AAMA specifications. We specialize in manufacture and installation of aluminum windows, doors, curtain wall systems and storefronts. The EURO Windows and Doors, manufacturers of high quality storefronts crew pays attention to the smallest detail. Custom storefront manufacturing specialists design and install your storefront without complications. Using the best storefront materials and perfect installation, you don’t have to worry about fading — what you liked about the initial storefront design is what you’ll like about the finished project.

  • Atlanta Superior Home Inspections

    Address: 2700 Buford Hwy NE #1B
    City: Atlanta
    State: GA
    Zip Code: 30324

    Atlanta Superior Home Inspections are the ones to call when buying or selling your home. We perform thorough and complete home inspections that cover every potential threat to the safety and function of your home. We also offer specialty inspection services to cover those problems that most other inspectors miss. Don’t worry about the condition of your house again. Call Atlanta Superior Home Inspections now.

  • Williamsburg Plumbers

    Address: n/a
    City: Williamsburg
    State: VA
    Zip Code: 23185

    We Are the #1 Choice for Plumbers in Williamsburg VA because: – Our team always arrives on time and professionally attired. – Every job is documented prior and after for damage control. – We guarantee a clean and safe work environment. – We hire local and licensed plumbing experts. – We offer many protocols that allow us to solve any situation that arises; swiftly and efficiently. There is never any need to worry about hidden fees or excessive time constraints; our contractors are here to provide excellent and expedited quality care to your plumbing needs.  

  • Rug & Carpet Cleaning Service Tarrytown

    Address: 15 Main St, suite 1211
    City: Tarrytown
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 10591

    If your oriental, persian or antique rug’s colors have faded over the years, then you may be looking for a professional carpet and rug cleaning service in Tarrytown. Our team will work hard to restore your rug to its original beautiful condition. Caring for your rug properly will add years to your rug’s life, and that’s exactly what we are on a mission to do. We will recommend the best solution to getting your specialty rug back to its best condition. Whether you have a wool rug, silk rug, or other fine area rug, we have seen it all and know exactly what to do to bring it back to life again. We will conduct an evaluation of your rug to determine the best course of action for your cleaning needs, and when we return your rug back to you, you will be amazed at the color restoration and fresh smell that we have created through our hand washing process. Call us today at (914)888-1058 to set up your appointment!

  • Rug & Carpet Cleaning Service Mamaroneck

    Address: 616 Mamaroneck Ave, fifth floor
    City: 616 Mamaroneck Ave, fifth floor, Mamaroneck, NY
    Zip Code: 10543

    Persian, antique and oriental rugs are a touch of magic on any room that they are placed in. If you have one of these rugs, then you know just how perfect they are when adding style and warmth to your home. Cold flooring isn’t fun to live with if you have children or are really wanting a cozy place to live in. As the months go by, you’ll begin to realize that though these rugs add a beautiful touch to your home, they also tend to attract dirt, allergens, and sometimes even mites when not properly cleaned. It can be overwhelming to begin to think about cleaning these rugs, especially when you don’t have the equipment or space necessary to clean them well. Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Mamaroneck wants to help you make this cleaning process stress free and amazing and that’s why we’re here and ready to serve you. If you have an oriental, persian or antique rug, or even just a large area rug that you don’t know how to clean, just give us a call and our team will come out and pick up your rug and clean it at one of our 100% insured facilities. Read more [...]

  • Queens Rug Cleaning

    Address: 85-14 126th St
    City: Kew Gardens
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 11415

    Fine area rugs are among the finest of floor coverings. They are things of beauty with history, character and value. But, like other fine objects, they need proper care to continue to look their best. We’re proud to provide the finest in fine area & oriental rug cleaning to Queens. Our cleaning process gently removes dirt and stubborn stains to bring back the beauty of your rug. It also protects your rug from damage that use and exposure can cause. We find stains, weakness and damage, and develop a cleaning treatment perfectly suited to your rug. We then service your rug in a facility where we control every step of the cleaning process. We use the most advanced methods, hardware and cleaning solutions to bring you the best results possible. Silk, wool, and synthetic material Oriental rugs are all welcome here. We treat all yarns and fabrics individually to make sure of the best possible clean for your treasured rug. We are dedicated to the use of up-to-the-minute, all-organic carpet cleaning techniques in Queens. We use these methods because we recognize our responsibility to your family, your pets and the environment.  

  • Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ohio Valley

    Address: 1900 Pennsylvania Ave, Weirton, WV 26062
    City: Weirton
    State: WV
    Zip Code: 26062

    Find a certified and insured plumber in Weirton at a competitive price? Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing at 304-924-2200 to schedule residential or commercial plumbing repair services in Weirton, and all surrounding areas. To explore more just browse our website.

  • Cleaner Steamer

    Address: 400 Lafayette St
    City: New York
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 10003

    Steam Cleaning: This process is especially helpful if your family has been experiencing allergies or asthma. Hot steam and a cleaning solution are sprayed on the carpet, killing dust mites and fungi. At Cleaner Steamer, we don’t clean carpets, rug & upholstery – we transform them. Our trained technicians revitalize your carpets, bringing them back to that clean, fresh appearance and feel they had the day they were installed. Unique Cleaning Methods: We have a number of different carpet cleaning methods available, because every situation requires a different solution. Depending on your carpet, we have at our disposal steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and shampoo cleaning. Low Moisture Technology: Our carpet cleaning machines employ low moisture technology, which greatly reduces drying time to only a few hours. We want you back in your home enjoying your freshly cleaned carpet as soon as possible, and these machines allow us to do just that.

  • NY Carpet Cleaner

    Address: 248-19 83rd Ave
    City: Queens
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 11423

    Welcome to a world of carpet cleaning with professional, friendly service, experienced technicians, big discounts and a variety carpet cleaning solutions. At NY Carpet Cleaner, we serve your every need to give you a complete and reliable clean for your carpets. Our cleaning will refresh and renew your sofa, bring back the color to your area rug and make your wall to wall carpet soft and clean again. When Did You Clean Your Carpets Last? Though its a huge part of our house and one of the basis for our “home” feeling, we let go of regular maintenance of our carpets. This allows them to get really dirty, or even just have some noticeable spots and stains that ruin all chance for a clean feel in your own home. This is where NY Carpets Cleaning comes in, with our deep cleaning method, and effective bio degradable cleaning products. Our carpet steam cleaning in NYC is a proven and very effective method for cleaning your carpet. Our highly-trained staff uses advanced, powerful hardware to apply heated detergent solution at high pressure to your carpets.

  • Westchester Carpet Cleaning

    Address: 850 Bronx River R, suite 112D
    City: Bronxville
    Zip Code: 10708
    Phone: 9148881285

    Did you know that cleaning a large rug is actually a pretty difficult job? You need specific tools, specific skills and a lot of experience. This is why you should contact Westchester Carpet Cleaning for quick rug cleaning in Westchester. Our experts know how to clean any type of rug. And there is no rug too big or too small for us. When it comes to Persian rug cleaning, area rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, and commercial rug cleaning, our company is simply the best in the area. Just take a look at our amazing reviews or simply give us a call at 914-888-1285! Our modern cleaning facility is equipped with state of the art technology. And no, we don’t use industrial washers to clean your rugs. We know these washers can seriously damage the rug and its fibers. All the washing is done by hand using special cleaning products that simply work. Did you know that cleaning a large rug is actually a pretty difficult job? You need specific tools, specific skills and a lot of experience. This is why you should contact Westchester Carpet Cleaning for quick rug cleaning in Westchester. Our experts know how to clean any Read more [...]