Water Testing & Inspection Miami

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  • Studies have found that minerals in your drinking water make essentially no contribution to your health and may even be present in forms your body can’t absorb. Minerals in an inorganic state flow through our systems versus minerals in an organic state that are readily absorbed by our bodies. You are much better off maintaining a balanced diet that provides you with an adequate supply of important vitamins and minerals.


    However, for those who do want to add healthy mineral into their drinking water, or if you’d just prefer the flavor of water with a bit of mineralization, water filtration companies offer the Mineral cartridge which can be included in the Drinking Water Station.


    Alpine Perfect Water Technologies. It is simple. We take care of you and your family. We are here for you and your family so you can enjoy clean, soft, tasty and most importantly healthy water. The water that is so close to one that Mother Nature has prepared for you. We are passionate about what we do. We love it and we will do our best to make you love your water again.

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