• Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning CT

    Address: 73 Arch St # 334
    City: Greenwich
    State: CT
    Zip Code: 6830

    Get the best oriental are rug cleaning services in CT. Keeping your rugs and other floor coverings looking their best is important for your home’s style. Since these rugs are walked on, spilled on, and have other issues on a regular basis, it is important to ensure you know where to go when it is time to get it cleaned. Here in Connecticut, if you want the best, you should come to us. Take a moment to read about what makes us the ideal option anytime you need your rugs professionally cleaned. You can also get in touch with us to talk with an experienced cleaner to answer questions you may have. To do this, please don’t hesitate to call us at 203-456-9207.

  • Rug & Carpet Cleaning Service Pelham Manor

    Address: 858 Pelham Pkwy
    City: Pelham
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 10803

    We know that each rug is different and that is why we inspect each rug instead of throwing them all into the same cleaning solution. We will choose the perfect hand washing solution for your rug based on its need and condition. It’s quite common for antique, persian and oriental rugs to need more care than just a hand washing solution since they are so delicate. They may have tears, rips and unraveling from the foot traffic that it experiences in your home.

  • Grand Rapids Roofing

    Address: 1083 Balsam Hill Ave SE,
    City: Grand Rapids
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 49546

    The Best Roofing Contractors in Grand Rapids, MI. Our team of experienced Grand Rapids,roofing contractors can handle both residential and commercial projects. We can tackle anything from basic clay tiles to building metal roofing to shingles. We have the skills and experience to do it all. Not only do we lay new roofing, but we also provide the high quality roofing repair Grand Rapids residents can depend on. Let us help you have a roof that is economical and long lasting! Our company offers you skilled workmanship and the best quality materials for all of our projects. Call the roofing contractors Grand Rapids MI locals depend on to get the job done!  

  • Rug And Carpet Cleaning White Plains

    Address: 907 9th St
    City: White Plains
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 10601

    Our carpet and rug cleaning team has over 7 decades of combined experience in the rug and carpet cleaning industry, and we have all the best solutions to make your rug as clean as possible. If you’re ready to see your rug restored to its original beauty, then it’s time to give us a call!

  • Retirement Planning Attorney

    Address: 17021 N Bay Rd
    City: Sunny Isles Beach
    State: FL
    Zip Code: 33160

    You have worked hard throughout your life to build up your estate, so it is important to do everything you can to protect what you have earned. Part of any good estate plan is going to be evaluation of your exposure to creditor liabilities or litigation risks. There are many different threats to your assets, and planning for all of them can be difficult. Our team can help by analyzing your situation and taking steps to protect your family from the most likely risk that may present itself.   Asset protection strategies involve analyzing your exposure and coming up with the best plan to minimize loss of assets. When done properly, we’ll find the right balance between protecting your assets and still having them available to you when they are needed. We’ll also help ensure that these strategies can be updated over time to keep them in line with your needs.   Asset protection should go hand in hand with your overall estate planning. As you get older and your exposure risk increases, there will be more and more options available for protecting the assets you own. Once your initial estate plan and asset protection strategies are in place, you Read more [...]

  • Stockbox Kitchens Inc

    Address: 907 9th St
    City: Toronto
    State: Ontario
    Zip Code: 0
    Phone: 4162888008

    Stockbox Kitchens are an affordable, semi-custom kitchen cabinetry company. All our time and energy go into our product that is of the highest quality, our process that is efficient and customer-centric, and our commitment to the environment that is demonstrated through safe materials and sustainable workmanship. Our showroom is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is a secure facility that runs itself. There are no staff members – just beautiful kitchens for you to see. Within just 5 to 7 business days, your Stockbox Kitchens cabinetry is ready and delivered.

  • Probate Attorney Queens

    Address: 147-46 Glassboro Ave
    City: Queens
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 11435

    We have years of experience planning for entrepreneurs, medical professionals, scientists, business and real estate owners, artists and multi-generation families. Our attorneys stay informed with the latest updates to the tax and transfer laws and regulations participate in shaping local legislature and analyze latest planning strategies and trends in business planning. We understand the importance of effective communication with our clients. We keep you informed, and we work closely with your family and business to follow the latest trends in estate planning and are able to take advantage of the latest tax developments. We work closely with your advisors to make sure that your estate plan is integrated with your business and retirement goals. We use cutting edge technology to be available to you 24/7.

  • Long Island Garage Door Spring

    Address: 3601 Hempstead Turnpike 2nd floor suite 1569
    City: Levittown
    State: NY
    Zip Code: 11756

    We at Long Island are experts in garage door and torsion springs. Our Long Island Garage Door Openers and Long Island Garage Door Springs are one of the best openers and spring available in the market. We install torsion springs, repair them, maintain them and even replace them if needed. Not only that, we also ship one of the cheapest garage door torsion springs having the best quality. So when you come to Long Island, you get the best possible deal in entire Long Island Garage Door Openers and Long Island Garage Door Springs at the cheapest possible price. The cheap & best deals as our admirers call it. Now, many of you might have heard that cleaning garage door torsion springs is an easy task and can be done at home. But beware! This is far from the truth. The truth is, torsion springs as their name implies, hold a lot of torsion energy. Torsion energy is the energy that a spring gets when its wound. And a torsion spring that it meant to lift or open a garage door has a lot of torsion energy and should be handled with great care & respect. We have had many Read more [...]

  • Poway Appliance Repair Center

    Address: 13312 Community Rd
    City: Poway
    State: CA
    Zip Code: 92062

    Poway Appliance Repair serving the local community for the last 15 years. We are a family-owned business focusing on same-day repairs, same-day appointments. We work on all makes and models. All our parts are original OEM and most of them in stock. We are offering discounts to first-time customers, holiday coupons. Additionally, we offer a 90-day warranty on both parts and labor. Please support your local small business. Please enjoy $25 off any repair coupon from the owner. Ask Operator. Thank you and May G-d bless us all. Sincerely, Poway Appliance Repair Center

  • Guardianship Lawyer

    Address: 6390 SW 18th St
    City: Miami
    State: FL
    Zip Code: 33155

    When an individual can no longer care for themselves or their assets, they may need legal protection in the form of a guardianship. During this process, a family member or qualified individual petitions the Court to appoint a guardian, which can be the person filing the petition or a neutral guardian, depending on the circumstances. Once the court establishes the guardianship, the person and/or property of the incapacitated individual, (known as a “ward”), is protected and under the watchful eye and jurisdiction of the court.   Certain life events may trigger income for a minor. If a child will be receiving funds in his or her own name greater than $15,000.00 a guardianship may be necessary to administer the funds belonging to the minor until such time they reach majority.   As a financial event may trigger a guardianship for a minor, so may a death in the child’s family. When one or both parent passes or is unavailable to care for the child, a guardianship may need to be established for the benefit of the child.