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    Trees in a well-manicured lawn are a beautiful sight which offers an inviting space for your family to relax. Besides the aesthetic appeal, the trees increase the value of your home. Professional values estimate well-maintained trees, and shrubs can increase a property’s value by 14%. With that in mind, here are ten tips to help you choose the right tree care services for your home.

    1. Certified Arborist

    You need a professional that is highly trained and specializes in the cultivation and care of trees. A qualified arborist will have the necessary certification as proof of their expertise. You can also ask for a business license that proves the legitimacy of their business.

    1. Experience

    How long has the company been in business? You need three experts that are committed and take pride in their work. As a rule of thumb, choose a company with over four years of experience within the industry.

    1. Safety Precautions

    An arborist’s job may involve working on huge and complex trees with a higher degree of risk. Ensure that the company uses OSHA standard equipment and follows industry safety protocols to keep them safe. The crew should have protective gear such as hard hats, chainsaw chop, and eye and ear protection.

    1. Insurance

    Due to the high-risk nature of the job, the tree services provider should have an insurance cover. The insurance indemnifies the technicians working on your trees. It shields you from responsibility if an accident occurs as they work.

    1. Proper Equipment

    Arborists require a wide range of equipment for their tree care services, including chainsaws, shears, pruners, and rope systems. The tree company you choose should have well-maintained equipment for the job. They should also have post trimming clean up equipment.

    1. Reputation

    A reputable tree service company should have a string of successful projects under their name. Ask for a list of references. Find out what their former client’s experience was working with the company. Check for online reviews and, whenever possible, check their ranking on Better Business Bureau.

    1. Research

    Before heading out to find a tree service company, familiarize yourself with the tree care industry. Understanding the industry helps you make an informed choice on the right kind of service that you need for your trees. Compare the different tree service models from different arborists and choose the one that suits your needs.

    1. Waste Management

    The tree service company ought to maintain the integrity of your home, including cleanliness. Ask the arborist how they intend to handle the waste cut branches and pruned leaves. How will they protect the lush green grass from destructive tire marks of their truck?

    1. Communication

    You need to find an arborist that you have a good rapport with. The tree removal company should have excellent communication channels that allow you to convey your vision for the lawn effectively. They should also be able to answer all your questions about their services.

    1. Pricing

    Compare the different pricing models from different tree care companies. Find an arborist that offers the best value tree services and is upfront about their pricing model. Cheap services may not necessarily translate to quality care as you get what you pay for.

    Finding the right tree services in Long Island should not be a stressful adventure. Use the tips above as a guide to choosing the best arborist for your trees. For more information about tree care services, contact Tree Cutting & Trimming Oyster Bay today.

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