Sparky’s Pizza: Damascus

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  • Sparky’s Pizza was founded in the town of Sandy, Oregon in 1999 by the Sparks family. Since its founding, we have been providing the very best pizza around. Today, we have 6 locations between Mt. Hood and Portland. We love being your local neighborhood pizza joint! Pizza shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be a dietary staple. New York’s first pizzeria did so well because an honest slice of pie could be purchased by anyone. We’re proud to continue that same tradition, offering fresh, crispy, and delicious New York style pizza for pickup. Grab a single slice or a whole pie at any of our locations. If you call ahead we can typically have your entire order ready in 10 to 15 minutes.

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    1. Stacy Sparky's Pizza: Damascus
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      I will never eat Sparky’s again or tell friends about it like I usually do. Customer service is horrible. They totally messed up my order which I didn’t realize until I got home(20mins away) and I couldn’t go back. I had company arriving. I called and the manager said they would put my name on a list and to come back anytime and get my real order. I called tonight and the girl on the phone said they don’t keep a list. That’s real nice. Love how you run a business.

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